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Our services enable institutions,
communities, governments, and individuals
to develop and implement strategies
and systems in the health and
human services arenas.


Uncommon Solutions is a consulting firm with 50 years of combined experience.

It is our experience that helps us to ask the hard questions to help discover the answers necessary to solve problems.

The team here at Uncommon Solutions is dedicated to sustainable change, accountable programs, and interventions that lead to real and sustained outcomes.

Workers meeting


We have decades of collective experience in both the public and private sectors.


Our firm provides strategic and policy consulting in the realm of health and human services.


Our services are used in multiple settings, both inside and outside Washington State.


Our own Co-Principal Robbi Kay Norman speaking on the State of Reform at the Health Care Policy Conferences.

Some of Our Clients

Pierce County ACH
SouthWest Washington Accountable Community of Health
Better HealthTogether ACH
kaiser permanente
University of Washington

Nothing Like Uncommon

Adjective,   Uncommoner,  Uncommest
1. not common; unusual; rare:
2. unusual in amount or degree; above the ordinary:

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