Uncommon Solutions

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Community Care Hubs

Uncommon supports innovative community-centered care hubs that organizes and supports a network of community-based organizations providing services to address health-related social needs.

Strategic Planning

Support authentic strategic planning with coalitions and institutions to effect real change.


Grant Writing

Procure federal, state, private foundation grants and contracts across numerous health and human service areas.

Directed Facilitation

Facilitate complex group processes. Move groups to tangible actions and results.


Develop and deliver training curricula across numerous topics, including grant writing, policy and system change, improvement collaboratives and more.

The Uncommon Team

Robbi Kay Norman

Robbi Kay Norman, co-principal at Uncommon Solutions, Inc., excels in health system changes and prevention integration, with 20+ years' experience.


Victor Colman

Victor Colman, with 38 years in public health, focuses on policy and system changes, experienced in non-profits and government.


Sarah Stacy

Sarah Stacy, with a decade in healthcare, focuses on systemic issues using community approaches, excelling in care coordination and quality improvement.


Affiliate Partners

Elizabeth Enget

Elizabeth Enget, with 15+ years in operations and event planning, now provides diverse administrative and client support services.


Chad Baker

Senior Product Manager with 10+ years in Data Platform and Healthcare Data, delivering enterprise solutions through innovative management

Jeremy Rolfer

Jeremy Rolfer, with 15 years in state government, excels in IT strategy development and network solutions for healthcare efficiency.


Alisa Solberg

Alisa Solberg: 35 years of public health, Medicaid leader, syringe exchange advocate, rights-focused, strategic thinker.


Dr. Kathy Burgoyne

Dr. Kathy Burgoyne, with 40 years in leadership, focuses on community health, engagement, and research, holding a PhD from the University of Washington.


Kristina Hansen Smith

Kristina Hansen Smith, with over 20 years in healthcare, excels in board governance, strategic planning, and complex system management.


The Uncommon Solutions Experience

Uncommon Solutions is a consulting firm with 50 years of combined experience.

It is our experience that helps us to ask the hard questions to help discover the answers necessary to solve problems.

The team here at Uncommon Solutions is dedicated to sustainable change, accountable programs, and interventions that lead to real and sustained outcomes.

Client Testimonials

Our Happy Clients say
About Us

As CEO of a fast-growing behavioral health organization, having Robbi Kay and her team at Uncommon Solutions lead our strategic planning has been invaluable. Their insights and extensive knowledge of the health & human services landscape is critical as they guide us from vision to action and impact.

Michelle McDaniel

Crisis Connections CEO

“When I know I need someone to ask the hard questions, to get to the root cause and push our team to ensure we are making people healthier, I go to Uncommon Solutions. They are unrivaled in their deep health knowledge, their outstanding operational skills and the fact they share our values of equity and fun makes them a perfect consulting partner to Better Health Together.”

Alison Poulsen

Better Health Together Executive Driver

I was fortunate to partner with Uncommon for many years in my career in state service. They are very entrepreneurial in their tactical thinking while at the same time seamlessly supporting the management of complex projects with public and private sectors.

Pama Joyner

Retired, WA State Department of Health