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Robbi Kay Norman has spent over 20 years working in health systems change. She has assisted in the vision and design of a new approaches to integrate prevention programs across care settings through unique public private partnerships. She specializes in bringing partners together taking “out of the box” system change ideas from theory to action. She has developed and delivered training curriculum in numerous content areas, with a focus on primary prevention and system change solutions. She is currently co-principal/founder of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a public health consultant and training firm based in Olympia, Washington.

Robbie Kay

Victor Colman earned a BA from Michigan State University and a JD from University of San Francisco. He has worked in the public health and human services field for over 34 years for both non-profits and at multiple levels of government. His focus is in developing and advancing policy and systems solutions across multiple topic areas. In Washington State he was a legislative liaison and policy advisor at the State Department of Health for over eight years. He is currently co-principal of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a strategic and policy consultant firm based in Olympia, WA and also serves as the founder and director of an influential statewide advocacy coalition, the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition.


Elizabeth Enget  has worked in office management and conference facilitation for over 8 years. As a conference coordinator, she oversees all aspects to completion, and is responsible for budgeting, purchasing, negotiating with service providers, and meeting client’s expectations. She specializes in coordinating, scheduling, and communication to ensure operation efficiency and performance. She is currently the Operations Manager of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a public health consultant and training firm based in Olympia, Washington.

Elizabeth Skirving

Jeremy Rolfer has worked for Washington State government for the last 15 years. He has primarily worked as an IT Specialist focusing on the development of new strategies and IT procedures to increase efficiency, enhance workflow and improve customer satisfaction. He specializes in implementing network solutions, and technology-enabled services to help create a stronger, more collaborative healthcare system. He is currently the Systems Architect of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a public health consultant and training firm based in Olympia, Washington.

Jeremy Rolfer

Sarah Stacy is passionate about her work using community-based approaches to address systemic issues in healthcare access. Sarah brings over a decade of healthcare experiencing working in direct care, community health, and managed care to facilitate system-wide transformation within clinical and large system settings. Sarah is a population health nurse with a deep background in community-based care coordination, quality improvement, program development, strategic initiative development and pay for performance/outcome-based initiatives. She uses her clinical and quality improvement skills to facilitate population-based approaches whole person care and services. Sarah is a strong believer that to transform our healthcare system, we must work closely with communities, patients, families and those who provide the direct services throughout the process.

Sarah Stacy

Kathleen Clark started her career as a registered dietitian with a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition. She owned and operated Lifetime Nutrition, a consulting firm that included diet counseling services; small hospital clinical nutrition and food service contracts; and lobbying. She went on to pursue work in public health with the Washington State Department of Health’s Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. While managing the program, she had the opportunity to work with primary care clinics in practice redesign to better serve people with chronic disease. She also co-created a chronic disease registry that was used by clinics in the early stages of population health management. Her passion for system change work took her to the Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers to support community health centers in the transformation to the patient-centered medical home model. She returned to the Department of Health to direct a Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services sponsored Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative and most recently worked for Pierce ACH (Elevate Health) to create its behavioral health integration learning community. In addition to serving as a consultant for Uncommon Solutions, she and her husband own and operate Bush Prairie Farm, a vegetable subscription farm on a historical piece of property in Tumwater, WA.

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