Our Services

Directed Facilitation

Facilitate complex group processes

Move groups to action and results

Improvement & Systems Change Development

Work with coalitions and institutions to develop improvement methodology and system change priorities

Conduct system change research and writing

Provide strategic advice regarding improvement and system change implementation 

Develop and support collaboratives and virtual learning communities

Specialized Writing

Technical Reports

Grant Writing

Fund Development Plans

Strategic Planning

Develop measurable goals and strategies, to meet outcomes

Build sustainable public private partnerships

Customized Trainings

Guide to policy and system change

Stakeholder Relationships

Improvement Collaboratives

Virtual Learning Communities

Grant Writing

Sustainability  (Organization and Coalitions)

Logic Model

Content-Specific (Most notably chronic disease and substance abuse prevention)

Nothing Like Uncommon

Adjective,   Uncommoner,  Uncommest
1. not common; unusual; rare:
2. unusual in amount or degree; above the ordinary:

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